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Why TotalTennis?

TotalTennis is a great alternative to the health club scene!!! It's the perfect better heath solution  strengthening your heart, lungs and bones while you have a great time.

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As far as feedback on the Posture Perfect!TM class goes, it has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! There are several reasons I enjoy the class... 

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TotalTennis is a Great Alternative
to the Health Club Scene!!!

What is TotalTennis? 

Most people find going to the gym boring. We agree and that's why we designed the perfect health and fitness solution... TotalTennis. TotalTennis is your "I hate going to the gym" alternative. Each one hour group session combines total body strength training, cardiovascular fitness and expert tennis instruction. We've also included specially designed healthy nutrition and stress reduction sessions that you access on-line from our website. Combine TotalTennis with The Sequoia System and you have a complete, one stop health and fitness solution.

 Is TotalTennis Right for Me?

From beginner to advanced, TotalTennis has a program that is right for you. Never played tennis before... TotalTennis provides an excellent opportunity to get active while improving your health and fitness. Nursing an old athletic injury... our program is designed to help you rehabilitate and get back to being physically active. Woefully out of shape... just 8 weeks of TotalTennis will put you back on the right track to feeling and looking your best. TotalTennis fits perfectly with the Sequoia Cardio-FUN-Time theme... FUN, efficient and effective.

Why is TotalTennis Better than Going to the Gym? 

TotalTennis is more FUN. Social support is crucial to the long term success of your health and fitness program. TotalTennis is a group program providing a built in support system. TotalTennis is fast paced and because tennis is a social sport; learning to play gives you fun, physical activity for the rest of your life. TotalTennis is where you'll meet new friends or invite some of your existing friends and family to come and have some fun.

TotalTennis is more Efficient. A one hour session of TotalTennis is equivalent to spending two hours of weight lifting and cardio fitness at the gym. With TotalTennis, you'll see greater health and fitness benefits in less time while increasing bone density, reducing unhealthy weight, improving stamina and balance... plus you'll have a great time. 

TotalTennis is more Effective. Because it's Dynamic, you learn to use your body in three dimensions. This translates into better strength and balance for everyday work and play especially if you play golf, tennis or ski. The running, jumping and body movements involved in TotalTennis combined with functional strength training sets provides better health and fitness benefits than traditional gym based programs.

Who is TotalTennis?

Gregg Deinhart and Stephan Schlagenhauff of FirstServe Tennis Academy have teamed up with Woody McMahon and Keith Fees of Sequoia Health and Fitness to offer the ultimate health and fitness alternative to the health club scene. Gregg and Stephan are both USPTA and Easitennis certified instructors and have a combined 40+ years of tennis teaching experience. Their clients range in age from children as young as age 3 all the way to adults in their 70's.

The Health and Fitness Benefits of TotalTennis

1. Increases Bone Density because weight bearing exercise strengthens muscles and bones while preventing and/or improving osteoporosis 

2. Improves Balance Preventing Unnecessary Falls which can result in hip fractures. Preserves general mobility and independence with age

3. Increases Metabolism and Reduces Body Fat keeping weight in check while balancing blood sugar. Healthy eating improves oveall food quality 

4. Improves Cardiovascular Fitness stimulating heart and lung function while reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attack and stroke  

5. Reduces Stress because it's Social and FUN so everybody gets to participate... spouse, partner, kids and friends.

Fitness is More FUN at Sequoia 

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