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As far as feedback on the Posture Perfect!TM class goes, it has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! There are several reasons I enjoy the class... 

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Partners in Health 
Living Gracefully 

People who stay in their homes as they get older have been shown to live longer and healthier lives. We strongly endorse Pat Williams and Dan Flavin of GraceFul Care, Inc. that was founded in 1995 to provide companionship and assistance to older adults. They are based in Northern Virginia and serve the counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, and Maryland's Montgomery County. They are expanding their base of operations all the time.

Click Here to learn more about how to get started with GraceFul Care. Need to talk in person?  Just call 703-904-3994 and they will be happy to talk with you. You can also email them at if that is easier.  Contact them today and make the GraceFul Care family a part of your family!

CPR For Everyone 

It is important to know CPR especially if you have grandchildren or an older parent. Melissa Schaaf of Cpr4everyone is a Certified American Heart Association Instructor and a faculty member of Lawson TEC, the largest independent training facility for American Heart Association Instructors in Northern Virginia.  As an instructor, she is dedicated to ensuring that all students enjoy their learning experience and master CPR and First Aid. Melissa is also a nationally board certified Massage Therapist with a thriving practice, A Touch of Healing, located in Reston. Melissa earned an MS Degree from American University in Human Resource Management and a BA Degree in Organizational Communication from University of Central Florida. Please contact Melissa by email at or by phone at 703-326-9480.

Making Yoga Safe  

Yoga is a great activity for both your mind and body. Nancy McMahon, RYT 200 of YogaWorkz has created several different safe and effective Yoga programs with modified traditional yoga poses. Her classes allow you to reap Yoga's benefits of bone and muscle strengthening and relaxation without the fear of spinal fractures or other bone damage. Her classes can also be helpful if you have back, hip, knee or shoulder pain. Please contact Nancy by email at or by phone at 703.597.8981.

Full Spectrum Lighting  
Tailored Lighting has a patented full spectrum light source called SoLux. Their light sources replicate the daylight spectrum to near perfection. No other light source is known to replicate daylight more accurately and precisely than SoLux. Solux light sources have been verified by leading medical equipment and light therapy companies in Europe
The outstanding success stories from these European companies are a testament to Tailored Lighting's commitment to producing the best daylight simulation products for SAD and other light deprivation aliments. To learn more about indoor natural lighting options, go to 
VitaCost Vitamin Shop 
VitaCost is a great place to buy high quality, low cost vitamins.
I buy my Udo's Oil, Friendly Fiber and vitamin D at really low prices.

They will also ship for free for orders over $49 which is a nice savings.

Here is a special link that gives you $10 off your first order.
Go to
Manage Your Money Wisely 

Planning for retirement is important at any age. Only 4% of Americans have adequately prepared for retirement. We help you realize your greatest desire; knowing how you should retire. We help individuals and couples both before and after retirement as they wrestle with the 16 challenges of retirement management.

At RetirementPlanning.Guru we've been serving clients with retirement management services since 1980. We provide both individuals and businesses with a full spectrum of retirement management services.  We also help businesses manage their fiduciary responsibilities and limit their liabilities.


Services include the entire spectrum of retirement management issues for both individuals and businesses. Your initial consultations is complimentary. Please contact Kevin O’Neil at 703.727.1111. You can also or
visit us online for more information.  
Lifestyle Coaching for Retirees 

Retirement planning is much more complex than simply having enough money.  Just like when you were working, purpose and direction are still important for retirement to ensure a high quality of life. Retirement involves many personal decisions that reflect one's career history, interests, temperament, family circumstances, needs, wants and desires. Failure to plan can lead to an aimless path of confusion, uncertainty and miss-direction. Dee Cascio, a Certified Life/Retirement Coach and Psychotherapist, helps you transition through one of life's most dramatic changes. She can assist in creating the best possible retirement for you. For more information or to contact Dee, please visit her website at

Healthy Pets  

Ingrid King is the owner of Healing Hands.   Ingrid is a pet massage therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner providing Reiki for pets and people and massage services for pets.  In the right hands, massage and Reiki can improve your pet's health and help them live a happier and healthier life.   In our Healthy Pets and People Clinics Ingrid teaches you simple massage techniques that can improve your pet's healthEach clinic shows you how to have fun with your pet while improving your collective health. To learn more, go to

Healthy Feet  
The Arch Activation Foot Strengthening Insole System 
Roy Gardiner, CEO of Barefoot Science has developed a great product called The Arch Activation Foot Strengthening Insole System (AAFSIS). That is definitely a mouthful but this revolutionary new technology is designed to stimulate, strengthen and restore natural, healthy foot function. Unlike orthotics or other cushion insoles that actually weaken your feet, the AAFSIS helps rehabilitate your feet over time. To read more go to
    A mindful and holistic approach to Fall Prevention, Balance, Full Body Functional Strengthening and Posture Exercises for All Ages! Our Science-Based Exercises are Safe and Appropriate for Your Ability. Our Exercises Help Improve Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Fear of Falling, Balance and Strength Problems. Reston, Great Falls, Herndon, Middleburg, Arlington Sterling and Northern Virginia.

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