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If you can attain repose and calm, believe that you have seized happiness. ~ Julie-Jeanne-Eleonore de Lespinasse

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As far as feedback on the Posture Perfect!TM class goes, it has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! There are several reasons I enjoy the class... 

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Show Me How to Relax 

How Does Fresh StartTM
Help Reduce My Stress?

Stress really is the silent killer! Since the early 1950's when Hans Selye, MD published his famous work Stress, scientists have talked about the harmful effects high stress living has on the body. Stress is a serious problem; don't just give lip service to "being stressed out." Fresh Start  takes a balanced physical and mental approach helping you relax; minimizing the negative health effects of high stress living!

Fresh Start  improves your health by combining FUN physical activity, healthy foods, proper supplementation and relaxation techniques reducing stress and 
boosting both your physical and mental strength. Fresh Start keeps you strong mentally and physically for the rest of your life! 

Fresh Start provides the following benefits:

  • FUN Physical Activity Relaxing the Body
    and Mind     
  • Healthier Eating and Cooking Habits 
  • Stress Reduction Techniques and
  • Cutting Edge Stress Reducing Supplements
  • Personal and Professional Support

A High Stress Lifestyle... The Silent Killer

High stress living produces excess cortisol, a stress hormone that depresses your immune system, imbalances your natural hormone profile, suppresses your body's ability to absorb calcium, weakens the heart and vasculature system and contributes to obesity. Fresh Start incorporates relaxation techniques, visualization and meditation effectively reducing your stress levels. Develop your mental fitness and keep your body strong and healthy.

How Does Stress Affect My Health

Over the years specific and solid evidence has been accumulating that ties high stress living to a host of chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, depression and diabetes. During menopause, high stress levels are associated with an increased frequency of hot flashes. High stress living also weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and the flu. With all the talk about Bird Flu and other diseases, now is the time to create a plan to de-stress your life.  

Fresh Start provides all the tools necessary to reduce stress and help you relax. In addition, Fresh Start improves your health and allows you to feel and look your best!  

It's Not Wise to Wait

We now know that a little stress has a positive influence on your health but high stress living can be deadly. Constant stress can increase your cholesterol levels, weaken your bone and immune system, increase hot flash frequency and make your stomach ache. It has long been fashionable for doctors to blame poor heath on your genes.  However, continued research shows  that high stress living is more responsible for your short and long term health than your genes. High stress living has caused the dramatic increase we see in chronic illness and obesity. Fortunately, unlike our genes which are hard to modify, you can take decisive steps and de-stress your life today.

Fresh Start helps mothers, fathers, daughters, sons... whole families participate in health and fitness activities that build strong minds and bodies at any age. 

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Fresh Start...

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Completing the quiz gives you a clearer vision of your starting point and path to a healthier lifestyle. Take your time and carefully answer all the questions. Send us the results and we'll contact you for your in-person or telephone consultation. During your consultation, we'll discuss the quiz results and together determine how Fresh Start can help you. 

For more information or answers to further questions, please call Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email

The team of experts at Sequoia Health is ready to help rebuild your bones while increasing your strength, vitality and good health. 


How to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Fresh Start teaches practical stress reduction strategies as a daily part of total healthy lifestyle make-over. Beginning the process is easier than you think. Spending just 5 minutes a day with breathing exercises or meditation can have a profound affect on your stress levels and ultimately your health. You can double your benefits by combining stress reduction with good nutrition and regular physical activity. Remember, changing a high stress to a healthy lifestyle is a process that takes time... so be patient with yourself. The following are the three most powerful stress reduction techniques guaranteed to increase your strength, vitality and good health. 

Exercise Regularly
Get physically active and you have harnessed the most potent mental and physical stress buster known to man. Without regular physical activity your body becomes sluggish, circulation is reduced and waste products build-up in the tissues. Have you heard the expression "laughter makes good medicine?" FUN physical activities, where you laugh, play and enjoy yourself, are the best stress reduction tools available. Having a good time reduces excess cortisol levels, balances your hormones, builds self esteem and increases mental performance. The right exercise program acts like a total system balancer. In combination with a good mental attitude and healthy eating, you'll feel and look your best keeping your body and mind at peak performance.

Adjust Your Attitude
The way you see yourself is critical to your good health and longevity. Always looking at the glass half empty; harboring stressful or angry thoughts damages your internal organs and leads to premature aging and disease. Creating a positive, can-do mental attitude strengthens the body's inner organs and systems. Training your mind makes your body respond in a strong and healthy way...I like to call this
mental fitness.         

Eat Healthy Foods
An unhealthy nutritional program robs your body of essential nutrients for growth and repair. Without proper vitamins and minerals your body becomes physically stressed causing a lowered pH, increased levels of stress hormones and decreased immune system function. Eating a well balanced nutritional program provides high quality materials that stimulate optimum mental and physical performance as well as essential materials for cellular synthesis and function. 

Specific Tools for Relaxation and Better Heath  

Focused Breathing
Focused breathing is easy to learn and a great way to reduce stress at home or at work. Being aware of your breath is an ancient technique that helps you shift your focus from the stressful event away to a non stressful event. Focused breathing is very rhythmic promoting relaxation for the mind and a powerfully oxygenation for your brain. Practiced for 5 minutes several times a day reduces stress and increases clarity of thought.

One of the most powerful ways to relax is to practice regular, daily meditation. Meditation is a valuable training tool that strengthens and balances your mind allowing healthy signals to reach the body rather than signals of fear, anger and despair. Sitting quietly for 5 minutes a day allows your body and mind to relax open the door to feeling and looking your best.

Unfortunately, meditation has been given a bad rap so many people see it as mystical or religious. It is neither and is practiced unknowingly anytime someone does the Catholic Rosary, sits and contemplates a bird in a tree or startles themselves out of a day dream. Much like removing the static on the radio station, meditation helps remove the thought clutter that is so damaging for good health and mental creativity.

Meditative Walking
Walking is one of the simplest yet best forms of exercise known to man. Walking can go from the intense "power walking" all the way down to the more beneficial meditative walking. Strolling along listening to the birds and watching the sun sparkle through the trees is a great way to relax and center your mind. These relaxing periods are good for your mind and body providing improved circulation, decreased blood pressure and a stronger heart and lungs. So don't think exercise always has to be full throttle all the time. Take time to relax and enjoy'll live longer for it.

Providing the link between the body and the mind makes Yoga a very powerful stress reduction tool. Yoga requires body movement, breathing awareness and mental focusing that improves circulation, body awareness and mental fitness. Combined with healthy eating and other physical activities, Yoga makes a great companion activity that brings the mind and body into better balance.

Therapeutic Massage
Massage is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve health. The rhythmic motions of massage create a deep state of relaxation. Regular massage improves circulation; stimulates "relaxation hormone" production and tones muscles. Massage is an ancient way to relive stress and improve your health.  

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