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"One should eat to live, not live to eat." ~ Moliere


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As far as feedback on the Posture Perfect!TM class goes, it has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! There are several reasons I enjoy the class... 

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Let Fresh Start Break the Barriers that Keep You From
Achieving a Healthy Weight!

If you've experienced a lifelong struggle with your weight you are probably: 

Confused by the bombardment of conflicting strategies and information...
Frustrated at your best efforts having not yielded the results you hoped for...
Angry at Yourself after failing so many times you can't even count... 
Defensive as you say "what makes your plan so different. I have tried everything
else before and nothing works." 

Keeping your weight at a healthy level is a complex problem that Fresh Start helps make easier. Once you  have decided to change your lifestyle and get your weight under control, all you need to do is call us and we'll take you through, 

The Healthy Weight! three step process.  

Step 1
In-depth Analysis
In your first session, together we will evaluate your current and past weight loss strategies. We'll determine what's stopped you from successfully getting to your healthy weight. We'll expose the weight loss myths and hype that popular diet programs have taught you over the years. By the end of the first session, the reasons for your weight loss struggle will become apparent. We can then begin designing a successful program that will end your struggles with weight and help you return, once and for all, to a healthier, happier you. 

Step 2
Your Plan Design
For most of our clients, a variety of negative emotions and beliefs about their body and weight keeps them from achieving a healthy weight. Factors such as uncontrolled stress levels (sends signals to store, not burn excess fat), calorie counting and eating diet foods only slows your progress towards reaching a healthy weight. The Fresh Start plan we design for you will include a perfect balance of physical and  emotional/mental activities. It will help you Get Active, Eat Healthier and Reduce Stress. Your plan will also benefit from our over twenty years of research and clinical experience in helping clients with their weight.

Step 3
A Personalized Approach
What a difference a personalized approach can make to successfully reaching a healthy weight. It's comforting to have someone personally available to act as a guide on your new path to better health. We'll help  successfully implement your healthy weight plan by providing Motivation, Accountability, Support and Education. It's reassuring to follow the Fresh Start plan that is designed specifically for you and includes all the necessary tools for your success!

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The Benefits of Healthy Weight! include: 

  • Increased Energy and Reduced Stress 
  • Better Strength and Stamina 
  • Healthier Meal Planning and Cooking Techniques
  • Improved Self Confidence and Body Image   
  • More Flexible and Relaxed Body  

Don't Waste One More Minute With Diets
If you want to have a healthy weight, stop wasting your time on the next miracle diet strategy. Diet programs place too much emphasis on telling you what you can and can't eat and not enough time helping you get active and reduce your stress levels. Being inactive and stressed out hurts your waistline more than any amount of junk food you could ever eat. Additionally, these same diet programs never address the real reasons why your eating habits are way out of control.

How Does Excess Weight Affect My Health
Excess weight takes a "heavy toll" on your body, increasing both physical and emotional stress levels.  Excess weight stresses your heart and circulatory system, contributes to high blood pressure, increases cholesterol, creates back and knee pain and adult onset diabetes. Emotionally, excess weight erodes your self esteem and leaves you uncomfortable with your body. This constant emotional stress over time creates more physical health problems. Fresh Start helps you Get Active, Eat Healthier and Reduce Stress improving your health and allowing you to feel and look your best.  

You are just one step away from
Getting to Your Healthy Weight 

Fresh Start Healthy Weight!...

A perfect way to get started is to click on our Healthy Weight Loss Quiz. Completing the quiz gives you a clearer vision of your starting point and path to a healthier lifestyle. Take your time and carefully answer all the questions. Send us the results and we'll contact you for your in-person or telephone consultation. During your consultation, we'll discuss the quiz results and together determine how Fresh Start can help you. 

If you need additional information or have further questions please contact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email

The team of experts at Sequoia Health are ready to help you safely and permanently lose weight while increasing your strength, vitality and good health. 


Important Information About Keeping A Healthy Weight

Make Friends with Food 
Fresh Start helps you stop battling and start enjoying your food once again. Putting food in its proper place keeps you in control and helps create peace of mind. Make food your friend and not your enemy. Look forward to mealtime as a chance to embrace the tastes of foods as you socialize and enjoy yourself.    

So You Want to Bake a Fluffy Cake
Here is an easy to understand example. Decide you want to bake a cake. All the ingredients have to be present and in the right amounts; they have to be mixed a certain way and then baked at a specific temperature for your cake to come out warm and fluffy. Leave out the sugar...what happens? Bake it at the wrong temperature...what happens? You are that cake because your needs for weight loss are different from anyone else. Your weight loss program must be designed for you.

Mind and Body
Fresh Start addresses the complex physical and emotional duality of weight loss. Digging deeper and discovering the root cause of being overweight solves your problem once and for all. Learning why you overeat frees you from the bonds of dieting. So whether it's eating for comfort, or boredom, from depression or a lack of self esteem; resolve the cause and get yourself off the dieting treadmill.

You're a Role Model... Like it or Not
Teach your daughters a better alternative to dieting... keep them from falling into unhealthy behavior cycles at a young age. Fresh Start is a great way to spend quality time while you teach your daughters to choose healthy foods, reduce stress and make being physical active as normal as brushing their teeth. Have fun as a family learning to cook healthy meals, participate in physical activity and develop healthy body images. Most importantly, set the example and show your daughters how to grow up to be healthy adults.

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