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Safe and Effective Exercises to Alleviate Pain, Improve Posture and Strengthen Bones Naturally!

Alleviate Your Pain With Posture Perfect!TM
Posture Perfect!TM is a complete, health-based
exercise program that heals your body and stops your aches and pains by improving your posture. The exercises not only help alleviate pain and but also improve your balance, bone and muscular strength, stamina and mobility. The exercises are easy to learn, work quickly, can be practiced at home and help you become active once again.
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Improve Your Posture With Safe Exercises
Good posture is the foundation for better health and function. Improving your posture has a profound effect on fracture risk, breathing, circulation and digestion. Posture Perfect!TM only utilizes exercises that have been shown to be safe and effective for healing your body. Exercises that have been shown to increase your risk of back pain and spinal fractures such as forward bending, rotation and side bending movements have been eliminated. This makes our Posture Perfect!TM classes safer and a good alternative to traditional Yoga or Pilates.
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Exercise Safety Video by Sherri Betz, PT >>>

Strengthen Bone With Targeted Exercises for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
Osteoporosis and osteopenia require a safe and targeted exercise program; generalized programs will not work. It is particularly important for women because they tend to be diagnosed more frequently with these conditions. Posture Perfect!TM exercises provide safe, effective and targeted strengthening of the muscles that protect the spine and hips. You will feel more confident with a stronger, more flexible and balanced body.
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Improve Balance, Strengthen Bones and Reduce Fractures
For everyone, but especially those with osteoporosis or osteopenia, better balance and stronger spinal, hip and leg muscles are the key to preventing falls and life changing fractures. The 
Posture Perfect!TM exercises target the muscles that prevent hip and spinal fractures. They improve spinal alignment, increase balance and strengthen bones.
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Alleviate Your Back and Joint Pain Faster
You can feel better faster with Posture Perfect!TM. Both women and men report feeling relief from back, neck, hip and knee pain in as few as three sessions. Our powerful posture exercises safely target the deep muscles that are often missed by other programs. They correct alignment and enhance circulation allowing your body to heal faster.
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Reduce Stress and Improve Alignment
Stress in the form of worry, depression, sleep difficulty or anxiety can increase the number of aches and pains in your body. Posture Perfect!TM exercises relieve stress by boosting your "feel good" hormones (endorphins) and reducing cortisol. The exercises, along with breathing and visualization, remove tension from your body. They also enhance circulation and increase the oxygen supply to your brain providing effective stress relief.
Specific Exercises That Reduce Stress and Improve Posture>>>

Sara Meeks, PT Certified
Each Posture Perfect!TM class includes Sara Meeks Certified exercises and activities offering the safest and most effective way to strengthen your body. These exercises were developed by a physical therapist with over 50 years of clinical practice ensuring that your program will be both safe and effective.

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Posture Perfect!TM Complete
Well-Being Programs.
Safe, Appropriate and Effective Exercise for Any Age, Posture, Balance, Strength,Osteoporosis, Weight Loss, Healthier Eating and Stress Reduction all in a simple to follow program. Reston, Great Falls, Herndon, Chantilly, Vienna, Ashburn, Arlington and Northern Virginia

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