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Muscle Strengthening for

Poor Posture 
Back Pain

Posture Perfect!TM

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Are You Over Age 50?
Don't Let
Back Pain, Osteoporosis,
Hip Problems or Low Energy
         Slow You Down
 Try Posture Perfect!TM

The Importance of Good Posture
Posture directly affects how your body works. Better posture means
relief from
back, knee and hip pain; less risk of spinal fractures and
and improved balance, heart, circulation and breathing.
Posture Perfect!TM classes teach safe and effective health-based
exercises and activities that
natural pain relief and keep
you going strong.

Health-Based Activity Programs Add Years
Health-based exercise and activity programs allow you to feel
better and enjoy life more. They help reduce pain, increase bone
and back strength, stimulate brain and memory function, increase
energy levels,
prevent falls, enhance circulation and heart strength
and improve breathing.

Exercise Safety is My Top Priority
Not all types of exercises are safe for your older body. After age 50,
exercise safety becomes an important point of concern.

As Sara Meeks, PT says "just because an exercise feels good,
necessarily mean it is good for you." Many types of
exercises can actually do more harm than good. I can create the
appropriate health-based activity program that will have you
benefiting from all of the rewards with none on the risks.

Sara Meeks Certified Activity Programs
You receive Sara Meeks Certified exercises and activities offering
the safest and most effective activity program available. Developed
by a physical therapist with over 50 years of clinical practice ensures
that your program will be safe and effective regardless of your age.

My Goals for You
First, offer a safe and effective
health-based activity program that provides
all of the health and fitness benefits and none of the risks. Next,
you the safe and effective activities that can
help improve your ability to
enjoy life more. And finally, offer guidance and support that allows you to
live life without pain, disability or loss of independence. 

Help Your Older Body Feel Younger and Look
   Better With One of
My Unique Programs...
Safe and Effective Exercise for Any One Over Age 50. Posture, Balance, Strength, Osteoporosis, Weight Loss, Healthier Eating and Stress Reduction all in a simple to follow program. Reston, Great Falls, Herndon, Chantilly, Vienna, Ashburn and Northern Virginia

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